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The VGH International GmbH founded in 1971 is an Association of specialist wholesalers who are represented at a total of over 690 locations in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Spain, Austria, Slovakia, Portugal, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Czech Republic and from 2020 also in Luxemburg and Hungary.

The main focus of the Association's activities lies in the fields of heating and sanitary installations, but the member companies of the VGH have extensive know-how and high advisory competence also in the ventilation and air conditioning product group.

One of the most important objectives of the VGH and the VGH members is the sale of branded products from leading manufactures to the trade and the further processing industry.

Joint purchasing and sales as part of a coordinated supplier and product range policy and joint marketing measures ensure the VGH and its members a high quality standard that thanks to the proximity of the VGH member companies to the customer forms the basis for a successful partnership between VGH and the specialist wholesalers / trade.

The regular information exchange among the VGH members in the areas of logistics, marketing, ecommerce, product management, IT, etc. is of particular benefit.

Security thanks to the strategic partnership with E/D/E

Cooperation unites and generates strength

At the beginning of 2005, the VGH concluded a strategic partnership with one of Europe's strongest and most important marketing associations, the E/D/E - Einkaufsbüro Deutscher Eisenhändler [Purchasing Office of German Iron Traders] in Wuppertal. This has given the VGH and the VGH members access to a broad spectrum of additional financial and marketing services.

For further information please refer to our partner brochure that can be downloaded as a PDF document:
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