Brühl, 12 November 2013

VGH International gets new partner from France

With the French company SAS Richardson the VGH International GmbH can again expand its Shareholder base.

As part of the expansion in the European Economic Area VGH International has won another important member.
From 1 January 2014, the company SAS Richardson becomes a Shareholder  of VGH International GmbH.

The company Richardson, with its Headquarters in Marseille, has 1,700 employees and is represented in France
at 98 locations.

With a total turnover of 480 million euros Richardson is one of the leading wholesalers of building technology
in France.

VGH International is now represented in 11 countries with 14 partner companies.
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The cooperation with the strategic industry partners of VGH International shall also be expanded with SAS Richardson,
as already successfully implemented in the different countries of the VGH-members.

"With SAS Richardson as further Shareholder of the VGH International, we continue to pursue our strategic objectives.
As part of the continuing concentration in the European market, we offer with VGH International a real and powerful
alternative for our partners in the specialist trade and in the industry," says the Managing Director of VGH, Knut Dick.

One of the main objectives of the International VGH is the strategic partnership with the leading industry manufacturers
to together develop the cooperation at a European level. The proximity to customers of the member companies provides
at the same time the basis for a successful partnership with the specialist trade.



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