Brühl, 10 November 2015

VGH International
- Continued growth for over 10 years
- Further Expansion

With the companies Mart Kft. (Hungary) and UAB Sanistal (Lithuania) the VGH International GmbH gains two further shareholders.

The success story of the VGH International continues even after more than 10 years. "A cooperation with our international group meets increasingly interest.
The integration of the wholesalers and the successful implementation of an increasing number of joint international activities underlines this", said Knut Dick, CEO of VGH.

With effect of 01/01/2016, the companies Mart (Hungary) and Sanistal (Lithuania) will become shareholders of VGH International.

Both companies are the leading wholesalers in building technology in their countries. Similar to the other VGH members they also operate in the 3-stage distribution channel.

From 2016 the VGH International is represented in 14 European countries with 17 partner companies. External sales of the Group is now over 3.2 billion euros.


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