Brühl, 19 October 2016

VGH International
New Shareholder from 01-01-2017

With the company Carl Spaeter AG (Switzerland) the VGH International GmbH gains a further Shareholder.

The success story of the VGH International continues even after more than 10 years. "A cooperation with our international group meets increasingly interest.
The integration of the wholesalers and the successful implementation of an increasing number of joint international activities underlines this", said Knut Dick, CEO of VGH.

With effect of 01/01/2017, the company Carl Spaeter AG (Switzerland) will become shareholder of VGH International.

The Spaeter Group is active in Switzerland with more than 20 locations (7 regional warehouses). In 2015, sales in the Building technology sector amounted to approximately CHF 135 million. The Spaeter Group is 100% family-owned.

In addition to the Building technology segment, also the steel trade and the trade with construction products are part of the Spaeter business area.

From 2017 the VGH International is represented in 15 European countries with 18 partner companies. The group's external sales exceeds 3.5 billion euros
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