E/D/E Annual Conference 2014
Extract from PRESS RELEASE

Düsseldorf, 14 February 2014 

Building technology with significant increase in turnover

With a turnover of 1.2  billion Euros (plus 6.8 percent), the sector of building technology once more
shows a significant growth. After the turnover had increased to over a billion Euros for the first time 
in the financial year 2011, this optimum was again strongly surpassed with 1.1 billion Euros
(plus 8.7 percent) in 2012. The recent increase in turnover in 2013 resulted from a good market 
position as well as primarily from new entries of members to the VGH  International GmbH 
in  Europe, one of E/D/E´s cooperation partners. Together with E/D/E, the VGH achieved a
Europe-wide increase in turnover of 17.3 percent. The “mah” as an additional vendor group in the
business division of building technology listed structural effects because of a decrease in
members. They also increased their turnover (plus 1.4 percent), albeit at a more modest level.
Only WUPPER-RING slightly missed the level of the previous year with a minus of 2.6 percent
due to unfavorable weather, capacity constraints in the trade and the loss of members owing
to company sales. At the same time, the WUPPER-RING succeeded in acquiring three new
members in Belgium.

See the full press release (German) at: Press release E/D/E



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